Intimacy & Fight

Performers: Samantha Jeffery and Joey Lucius

Performers: Samantha Jeffery and Joey Lucius

Intimacy Coordination and Direction

While "Intimacy Direction" as a title is relatively new, intimacy has been a part of my personal practice since I first started out - on both sides of the table.

I've always had an interest in how we can make sexuality on stage better. Good intimacy needs to bring the audience further into the story, not take them out of it. Actors are often told to make something 'sexier', but what that means can vary from person to person, production to production and character to character. Add in the power dynamics of a room, familiarity and lack thereof, chemistry, staged violence...

Hiring an intimacy director/coordinator? 

Just like stage combat, the wellbeing of the actors is in their hands. Check their training. Make sure you are familiar with their work, or ask someone who is. 

"[Intimacy direction] really allows people to lose that fear of going too far, or not going far enough. They know exactly where they can be every night."

- Samantha Jeffery, interviewed on CBC

"Working with Sam [on intimacy and fight] transformed one of the most daunting aspects of our production into an incredibly fun day of choreo. The instruction she gave was helpful and, most impressively, true to our vision for the show."

- Brayden O’Boyle, director of Skinwalker

I’m currently an Apprentice with Intimacy Directors International, and have trained to handle a wide range of intimate scenes.

Want to hire me, have questions, or just want to chat intimacy? Shoot me a message.


Fight Direction


I have been working as a fight choreographer, teacher and performer since 2013. My training encompasses a wide variety of weapons and styles - I’ve choreographed everything from realistic horror gore to Shakespearean sword battles.


Favourite style: Unarmed combat.

Signature move: The head slam.

Proudest moment: Award nomination for Outstanding Fight Choreography - Henry V (Malachite Theatre)

Dead Centre of Town, Catch the Keys Productions  Photo: Marc J Chalifoux  Fight Choreo: Samantha Jeffery

Dead Centre of Town, Catch the Keys Productions

Photo: Marc J Chalifoux

Fight Choreo: Samantha Jeffery


Intimacy coordination & Direction

  • The Magicians, season 5 (SyFy)

  • To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before 3 (All The Boys Productions, dir. Michael Fimognari)

  • My Lyric I Never Knew (1844 Studios, dir. Nauzanin Knight) - intimacy consultant

  • Roadkill Confidential (Untitled Productions, dir. Austin Kumar)

  • A Midsummer Night's Dream (Theatre Prospero, dir. Danielle LaRose)

  • No Apology (feature film: Link to the Past Productions)

  • Female Gaze (High Wire Films)

    • 2nd Prize at Blue Revue

  • Skinwalker (Stage Struck, dir. Brayden O’Boyle)

  • Twelfth Night (Malachite Theatre, dir. Benjamin Blyth)

  • Macbeth (Malachite Theatre, dir. Benjamin Blyth)

  • fawns (New Works Festival)

  • Sin Caves (New Works Festival)

  • God’s Ear (Studio Theatre, dir. Suzie Martin) - intimacy consultant

  • University of Alberta 257 scene study class - workshop on consent & intimacy in rehearsal

  • Assistant to Intimacy Director Siobhan Richardson

    • Chinook Series Workshops, 2018

    • Banff Centre Intensive, 2018


“Sam Jeffery is an excellent intimacy coordinator. Not only did she do an excellent job of choreographing our movements and framing, but she also made us feel very comfortable. It was my first intimate scene as an actor and she put me completely at ease and ensured I felt safe and heard. Her direction ensured that the scene read as real and that we both looked good in it. I would recommend her to anyone seeking an intimacy coordinator or coach and hope to work with her again in the future.”

- Marla Renae, No Apology


Intimacy Curation

  • The Smut Zoo: The Smut Cabaret (Nextfest 2016)

  • FutureSmut: The Smut Cabaret (Nextfest 2017)

    The Smut Cabaret is an 18+ multidisciplinary performance party celebrating everything lewd, crude, risque, sexual and consensual. Costumes & lack thereof are encouraged.

  • The Heavy Petting Zoo: curator, host & Zookeeper

  • Smut Cabaret 2015

  • New Years Art Party 2016

  • Smut Cabaret 2016

    The Heavy Petting Zoo is part installation, part performance art, part sexual exploration about explicit verbal consent. Verbal consent is a requirement for all actions within the Heavy Petting Zoo. The Zoo aims to challenge the widely-held belief that naming our desires aloud somehow makes them less sexy, providing a supervised space to explore, experiment and ask questions.


Fight Direction and Instruction

  • Titus Andronicus (University of Lethbridge Mainstage)

  • Skinwalker (Stage Struck)

  • Henry V (Malachite Theatre)

    • Sterling Award nomination for outstanding fight direction

  • Whiskey Business (Miranda Allen Entertainment)

  • On The Margin (Neon Pomegranate Arts)

  • Dead Centre of Town: The Haunt (Catch The Keys Productions)

  • Category E (The Maggie Tree)

  • Fight Workshop for NextFest High School Program - 2016

  • Instructor at WordsWorth (creative writing & stage combat) - 2015 & 2016


“It was my first on screen intimacy scene. I was excited but nervous for the unknown. All of my questions, no matter how minute, were answered with care. Sam's presence on set, for that moment, offered a sense of calm, stability and professionalism - which allowed me to do my work with ease."

- Natasha Soper, No Apology



Training, Workshops and Related Work

  • Apprentice with Intimacy Directors International

  • International Intimacy Choreographers Intensive (IDI, Toronto - 2019)

    • Instructors: Tonia Sina, Claire Warden, Siobhan Richardson, Alicia Rodis

  • Intimacy for the Stage for Actors (Siobhan Richardson, Calgary - 2017)

  • Intimacy for the Stage for Directors & Choreographers (Siobhan Richardson, Calgary - 2017)

  • Assistant to Intimacy Director Siobhan Richardson:

    • Chinook Series Workshops (Edmonton - 2018)

    • Banff Centre Intensive (Banff - 2018)

  • Mental Health First Aid (2019)

  • Standard First Aid CPR/AED Level C (current)

  • Set Etiquette - ACTRA (Christopher Cinnamon - 2017)

  • Diversity in the Arts Workshop (Nextfest Arts Company, Jenna Rodgers & Gina Puntil - 2017)

  • Supporting Accessible, Trauma-Informed and Affirming Rehearsal Spaces (Lindsay Eales and Danielle Peers - 2019)

  • Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton - Crisis Line Volunteer

    60 hours of training including: communication & support skills, sexual violence, cultural contexts, anti-oppression, trauma, suicide intervention, the criminal justice system, community resources, and self-care.


Intimacy Performance:

  • Starred in "Bed Bugs"

    • 1st Prize at Blue Revue

    • Official Selection of the Hump! Film Festival

    • Jury Award at the Hump! Film Festival

    • Official Selection for Best of Hump! National Tour

  • A Thought in Three Parts (Theatre Outré, Lethbridge)

  • A Thought in Three Parts (Theatre Outré, Calgary)

  • Charles Manson: The Final Words (Pyramid Productions)

  • Burlesque-prov (Rapid Fire Theatre Bonfire Festival, April 2017)

  • Freck Discovers Chocolate (Smut Cabaret 2014)

  • The Wish Genie (Smut Cabaret 2015)

  • The Edmonton Poetry Brothel: The Bedroom Ladies (2016-2018)

    The Bedroom Ladies are the purring welcome party of the Poetry Brothel, helping to guide guests through the evening.

  • The Edmonton Poetry Brothel: Pillow Talk (March 2018)

    An exploration of written smut. Pillow Talk asks participants for a topic, a rating (14+, mature, R, explicit) and any other requirements (gender pairings, etc). Participants are then called when their smut is ready, and read a 2 minute story aloud.


Fight Instructors:

  • Patrick Howarth: Quarterstaff, unarmed, single sword, rapier & dagger (FDC cert)

  • Jean-Pierre Fournier: Fencing, unarmed, single sword, sword tricks, rapier & dagger (FDC cert)

  • Siobhan Richardson: Longsword (FDC cert)

  • Todd Campbell: Smallsword (FDC cert)

  • Karl Sine: Rapier & dagger (FDC cert)

  • David McCormick: Unarmed martial arts (FDC cert)

  • Jonathan Purvis: Sabre, knife

  • Casey Hudecki: Knife

  • Chance Heck: Taekwondo

  • Carrie Thiel & Michelle Ladd: Motion capture

  • Ruth Cooper-Brown: Torture, Tied Up

  • John Lennox: Groundfighting

  • Kristoffer Jorgensen: Viking longaxe

  • Jeff McKracken: Wire work, Fighting for Film

  • Daniel Ford Beavis: Fighting for Film, Bottle Breaking

  • Kevin McCurdy: Knaps, Groundfighting & grappling