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Edmonton Fringe Theatre - Intimacy and Innovation: Meet Samantha Jeffery

We sat down with Samantha Jeffery, one of our 2020 Nordic & Cloutier Family Innovation Award recipients. This annual award provides one local artist, group, or company with up to $2,500 in funding towards professional development, training, innovation, and/or special project development.

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CBC - Choreographing intimacy: Meet the Edmonton woman who stages sex

Sharing a first kiss with a stranger can be unnerving. Sharing that kiss in front of a captive audience can be truly daunting.

For decades, theatre and film scenes involving sex or intimacy were staged by directors with little experience in establishing safe boundaries for the performers. Or actors were left to their own devices.

Now there is a new player behind the scenes.

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Wenghtalk Radio - #YEGTheatreStats

Professional theatre artist Samantha Jeffery is here to discuss her pilot project: #YEGTheatreStats - a professional theatre database of jobs in the Edmonton theatre industry based on gender. We go over how Sam collects and presents her data; the nuance of creating categories and sub-categories in order to make her spreadsheet accurate, yet readable; and we also talk about how vital a public database of this sort is for those seeking to recognize their hiring trends within the Edmonton theatre community.

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